Architects and Designers

Decoramould is committed to providing the best quality mouldings, flexibility in design and cost effectiveness to your construction projects. We believe we can work with you to provide the style you're looking for at a price that can't be had anywhere else.

From our unique background in contracting, we know that every pro-active step taken in advance will save you days and weeks on-site. Having a custom, complex or large moulding designed by Decoramould for your project is free of charge to you, and you can avoid the hassle of delays once the project is underway.

Communication is the key to ensuring the dreams and visions of your projects are carried out correctly. That's why easy referencing to mouldings on your blueprints will help ensure the right mouldings are priced for the job, and actually applied. Decoramould will provide you with reference numbers for stock mouldings, and assign reference numbers to custom mouldings created just for your project.

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