Exterior Styrofoam Trim

Exterior styrofoam trim goes by a lot of names, including EPS trim, stucco trim or architectural trim. Typically, this styrofoam is a "Virgin Type I Expanded Polystyrene", which in english means it is non recycled, white styrofoam of a certain density. This styrofoam is easily cut into lightweight trim in the shapes required by architects and building professionals. Every day, more and more professionals discover why it is better to use exterior styrofoam trim, and never look back.

Exterior styrofoam trim presents the largest advancement in construction technology in decades. Styorofoam has proven to be the ideal construction material because it is biologically inert, and therefore does not rot, warp or splinter like wood. When compared to concrete trim, exterior styrofoam trim is much lighter in weight, and will not crack or crumble because of such.

You may be wondering how the exterior styrofoam trim can possibly stand up to the elements? A fibreglass mesh is laid over the entire exposed surface of the styrofoam, this adds impact resistance and a small amount of flexibility, ensuring the styrofoam will keep it's form. 2 layers of an acrylic-modified cement with embedded fibreglass strands is then machine-extruded over the styrofoam trim, giving it a protective, durable surface on which to paint and/or texture to your tastes. This multi-step process using styrofoam and different materials with their own strengths provides for a product that is light weight and durable -- exactly what every contractor dreams about.