Exterior Window Trim

Exterior window trim is often used to add style and elegance to an otherwise plain window. Sometimes referred to as exterior window mouldings, they make windows stand out and look finished. This finished look will aid in that all-important first impression people get when they first visit your house, whether they are potential buyers, family or just friends. Aside from the aesthetic bonus they provide to windows, when properly selected and applied, they can increase the longevity of your window by diverting water from the window frame.

Exterior window trim is considered the basic element of decorating the exterior of your house. If you choose to add no other decorative elements to your house, an exterior window trim is often enough. However, some people like to take it a step further by adding other elements such as columns, quoins and wall bands.

Much like an exterior door trim, exterior window trim provides a frame (like a picture frame) but functional features of your house. They add have enlarging effect, making your windows and doors seem bigger and more elegant.

A little known feature is that at the right time of day, your exterior window trim will add character to your house by casting shadows along your exterior wall and windows. The length of shadow and it's shape will be determined by the time of day, the angle of your house to the sun, and what profile you have ultimatley chosen. It will be as unique, and as much a part of your house, as your shadow is to you.

Compared to exterior wood and concrete window, exterior stucco trim outperforms not only in design capabilities but also in longevity. Unlike wood, stucco trim will not rot, warp or bow. Unlike the concrete, it will not crack or crumble under it's own weight. Over the long term, this saves you not only money, but time spent repairing and maintaining it. The stucco trim provided by Decoramould is uniquely formulated and modified to provide the highest simultaneous flexibility and strength, ensuring your window trim will not crack or become damaged. The exterior stucco mouldings are fire tested and certified to be a safe product to add to the exterior of your home, without having to worry about falling debris in the event of a fire.