Installation Methods


Decoramould works closely with qualified, expert stucco contractors - they make up about 80% of our business! If you you would prefer to save time by having an experienced contractor apply your mouldings, send us an e-mail and we will be glad to refer you to one. With a contractor, you have the benefit of knowing exactly how much it is going to cost, and the peace of mind knowing your mouldings were installed by a professional.

Decoramould Exterior Renovation Kit

In working with homeowners we have discovered that many enjoy improving and renovating their own house. However, working on stucco, and the exterior of the house in general, is an intimidating thought for most. Fortunately, Decoramould has developed a package containing everything you need to safely and expertly install mouldings to your home, saving you money.
The Decoramould Exterior Renovation Kitâ„¢ includes:
- "How-To" DVD - Breaking down each step of installation
- Tools including trowel, mixing container
- Adhesive for mouldings
- Polyethylene for protecting adjacent surfaces
- Discounts on cement mixing powertools and scaffold rental