About Our Mouldings

Our product is composed of an EPS (expanded polystyrene, or styrofoam) core for it's light weight and insulating properties, followed by fibreglass mesh to add impact resistance and flexibility in the cement exterior. Finally, 2 coats of cement containing fibres and acrylics are applied, leaving a smooth, durable exterior which may be painted or textured to your liking. In short, our mouldings are:
- State of the art
- More durable than concrete
- Impervious to rotting, warping and infestation
- Easy to install
- Aesthetically Pleasing
- A great investment
- Peace of mind
- Quality controlled


Decoramould's pre-coated architectural mouldings represent the state of the art in construction technology. Stone sills and wood details have been around for thousands of years, along with their inherent problems. Now you can benefit from the mistakes of builders past by taking advantage of the evolution of building products. Rest assured knowing you have the absolute best materials for your decorative surrounds and ornamentation.


Unlike traditional concrete sills and trim, Decoramould's pre-coated EPS mouldings will not crack and break off over time. Due to the lighter weight of our surrounds, our products are not subject to the same shearing forces of concrete trim. This means that you don't have to worry about replacing heavy, expensive concrete down the road. Save yourself from being one of the hundreds of thousands of people who google "concrete sill repair" every year.


Even worse than outdated concrete sills are problematic wood trim and decoration. Without ongoing treatment and maintenance, wood is known to turn from solid to mush due to rot, is susceptible to infestation and may even grow harmful mould that can cause health problems. Decoramould's pre-coated styrofoam core mouldings are biologically inert and therefore can not sustain organic bacteria, insects or mould. Overall, this will aid in protecting the adjacent elements of your building exterior and the health of your loved ones.


Installation is a breeze with our long, lightweight pieces. Simply measure the lengths you need, mitre your joints, apply adhesive to the back and set them in place! Once set, a few touchups at the joints and you're ready to paint and texture the mouldings to the colour of your choice. This will enable you to save thousands of dollars on labour and give you bragging rights to your neighbours. If the hands-on approach isn't your style, give us a call and we can refer a qualified contractor!


Pre-coated decorative designs can turn unsightly aspects of your building into beautiful focal-points. A moulding or column running along an expansion joint or providing a cross-over between dissimilar substrates will give your house the flow and elegance you've always dreamed of. Our mouldings can be cut in any shape, and coated with the colour and texture of your choice. What this means is you have flexibility in designing your home to look the way you want. Don't settle for anything less than what you truly deserve in your home.


Exterior moulding details add tremendous value to your home with minimal investment. You are able to get an incredible ROI because decorative mouldings are typically associated with brand new $1,000,000+ homes. This means that, come time to sell and cash in, your home will stand out from every other regular house for sale and pump up that all-important first impression. Until then, you can be satisfied knowing you're the envy of your neighbours and having every other house compared to yours.


Exterior architectural trimwork plays an essential role in managing water around the sensitive areas of your home. Our mouldings are designed to divert water away from problem areas such as soffit joints, window heads and bases and the bottom of your wall. This will keep water from getting in behind your windows and walls where it can create a dark, moist atmosphere - ideal conditions for harmful mould and bacteria.


All of our architectural trim is factory made, ensuring quality and consistency between products. Factories offer control over environmental conditions which just aren't possible with on-site manufacturing. This leaves you with a product which is consistent from one piece to another and eliminates defects due to moisture and contaminants. It means you can rest assured knowing that you are getting exactly what you expect.