Styrofoam Trim

Styrofoam trim has become popular recently for residential projects because of it's light weight - making it inexpensive, easy to install and durable - if done right. Styrofoam is not designed to be exposed to the elements or simply covered with a paint. If left uncoated or just painted, it is extremely easily damaged and makes a great nesting place for birds and some insects.

Cement coated styrofoam mouldings are sometimes known as stucco trim and also vary in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. A company typically needs at least a decade of manufacturing experience and following up with their original installations before perfecting their coating. Coated styrofoam trim should only be made of non-recycled expanded polystyrene, coated with an alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh and a modified cement coating. If these components look familiar, it's because they're the same components that make up Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS).

Coated styrofoam trim has the same look as concrete mouldings, but is a fraction of the weight and cost. This makes it inexpensive to ship and simple to install without having to entirely re-do your wall with structural support while giving you that high end appearance you want for your home.

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