Window Trim Ideas

When it comes to window trim ideas, you have an idea of what you're looking for, but need help putting it into words. Decoramould has spent years working with home owners to translate their window trim ideas into reality, providing them the window trim they've always dreamed of. You understand the important of that first impression potential buyers, friends and family have when they first visit your home, and as such, want to control their impression by putting your ideals into their head. More than just a simple window trim, your choice of trim will give your guests an idea of your values and status.

Stucco window trim may be combined with various elements to achieve the look you seek. From the simple flat trim, to the elegant profile. Your idea may range from using a single trim for the whole window, to using a seperate trim for the sill, a seperate trim for the sides of the window, and a seperate trim for the header. Another idea for your window trim is to add keystones -- decorative elements embedded in the centre of the top trim. Though no longer used to hold up the top of a window, keystones tend to make a window trim look more impressive.

Visit our window trim idea gallery for some examples of what some home owners have opted to do. Get inspired by some truly unique ideas and designs (like gothic window trim), and explore the options available to you.