The Solution To Wood Trim and Sill Rot

Wood trim and window sills have been around for centuries, decorating homes and adorning windows across the North American continent. Since the beginning, wood has also been rotting and becoming infested with termites, causing grief to home owners who end up needing to repair or entirely replace their wooden window molding.

Rotting Wood Trim

The solution is Decoramould's cement-coated styrofoam window trim and sills. Styrofoam, unlike wood - is biologically inert. That is, it can't sustain life. Styrofoam is composed of polystyrene - an inorganic substance, not cellulose like wood. This makes it unattractive to insects and unsuitable for bacteria and mould growth, which leads to rot.

The styrofoam is protected with 2 layers of a specially modified cement coating, containing acrylics and strands of fibreglass, and embedded with fiberglass mesh. This increases the molding's durability, while providing it with a substantially more pleasing finish. These composite window trims and sills actually look like expensive concrete trim, but don't require the same precautions when installing, and certainly don't actually cost as much.

The styrofoam core allows for an infinite number of possible shapes from which you can select. This means that you are given the freedom to design your home the way you see fit, and in a way that suits your own personal tastes.

Decaying Wood Corbel

Regardless of the type of wood you use - oak, cedar, poplar - it will fall prey to the elements and could lead to further damage to your home than just the trim. Because the exterior window trim is so close to the framing members in a window, rot and pests can easily migrate from one to the other. Having exterior wood molding is like having your wall studs exposed to moisture, which will eventually lead to decay.

Don't waste any more time or money on archaic, decrepid construction methods that use wood where it doesn't belong. Head over to the online store to pick out your window trims and sills.